PRE ORDER White Biodegradable Confetti

PRE ORDER White Biodegradable Confetti

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An ecofriendly solution and alternative for the traditional Wedding confetti toss at venues or locations where, rose petals, nuts, rice may not be permitted.

This confetti is water-soluble and completely biodegradable made from rice paper, for use outdoors which will magically disappear when it gets wet, either hose it away or let nature help with the clean-up. 

This confetti creates a stunning wedding confetti moment without harming the environment or wildlife.

Size: 1kg
Brand: BioConfetti

Tips: Only use outdoors. BioConfetti starts to dissolve on contact with water - only use in dry conditions, never in the rain. BioConfetti becomes slippery as it dissolves. It is best used on grass, roads and beaches. Avoid use on smooth surfaces. BioConfetti is not flame retardant.

For every order, BioConfetti Australia plants a tree on behalf of customers!