Celestine Crystal Heart - Energy
Celestine Crystal Heart - Energy

Celestine Crystal Heart - Energy

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The Celestite crystal carries high vibrational, calming powers to uplift your energy.

The perfect crystal to relieve nervousness while walking down the aisle, a change in life, a new career or new adventures.  

A great option for weddings for the traditional  "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"

- Stone measures approx 3cm x 5cm

- Heart shaped, rough one side

- Stone hand-selected for quality and energy 

Crystal energy is great tool to help you become more centered, grounded, and balanced and you can manifest magical things from this vibration. Hold onto this crystal as you walk down the aisle, in quiet times to manifest good energy, add to a 'sacred space' within your home as an environment cleanser, or carry this crystal with you for when you need more positive energy. 

Upon receiving your crystal, cleanse it to clear away other energy by running it under clean water and then placing it outside under the sun or moon for a few hours. Set your intension by holding the crystal in your hands, sit quietly and breath and state what you want to manifest in your life.